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Posted Monday, September 23, 2013 by Brandon Overdorff
Friday night in Homer Center was not a good night. I was a bit disappointed in our lack of execution which could have kept us in a game that ended up getting away from us. However, there were some nice performances, Grant Syster in the kickoff return game, Sam Stanford had a long TD run from the backup QB positon, Sophomore Dylan Detwiler played well late in the game. We knew going into the game it would be physical and demanding, and we would have to have a warrior mentality to overcome some adversity. When I think of kids who just play their hearts out and will do whatever it is the team needs, I think of Adam Farmery. Adam has become a utility player, he has played inside and outside linebacker, nose guard, flanker, split end, guard, center, and tight end for us the last 2 years. He is a very intelligent kid with great toughness. Last season he played the latter part of the season with a broken finger. The doctors put a full length arm cast on him and told him he was done for the year. Adam went home and cut off the cast off with a hacksaw and he never missed a practice. Coming into the game against Homer, we had a hole to fill at outside backer, I also new Adam had taken a pretty good blow to his knee the week before and would be sore, but I knew he would be there to fill that hole no matter what. He was, sore knee and all, and he battled to the best of his ability. By half time, he had suffered a gash under his chin, he told the doctor to put a bandaid on it, I'm playing. He came out the second half and kept after it, until the doctor decided it was time to stitch him up in the locker room. By that time the game was out of reach, but I know Adam would have jumped back in. Adam Farmery is a Warrior, not the biggest, not the fastest, but he may be the toughest. For his toughness he is this week's player of the week. That is what football players are made of.

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