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Parents: Bus Schedules for Camps

Posted Friday, August 03, 2012 by Brandon Overdorff

Sports/Band Camp

Centralized Stop List

August 13-17 & August 20-24. 2012



                                                BUS A

LaJose Post Office                                                         7:08 am

Mahaffey (McCracken)                                        7:14 am

Mahaffey (Beatty)                                                          7:16 am

D&G                                                                    7:18 am

PLNE                                                                             7:23 am

Burnside (Handi-Mart)                                         7:28 am

Brink Plumbing & Heating Parking Lot               7:36 am

Gipsy Post Office                                                 7:41 am

Hooverhurst (Chidboy’s)                                              7:46 am

Arcadia (Sie’s Market)                                         7:49 am

Hillsdale Post Office                                             7:54 am

Nancy’s Restaurant                                             7:55 am

PLHS                                                                             8:00 am


                                                BUS B

Uniontown (Buterbaugh’s Store)                         7:16 am

Spruce Community Building                                7:21 am

Pine Flats (Stiffler’s Nursery Lane)                      7:28 am

Cookport Crossroads                                          7:35 am

Commodore Bus Shelter                                                7:40 am

Starford Bus Shelter                                            7:42 am

Dixonville (Sandy’s Store)                                   7:50 am

Purchase Line Crossroads                                    7:58 am

PLHS                                                                             8:00 am


***Students are to be at the above stops 5 minutes early.  Pick-up is centralized.


***The buses will depart at 4:00 pm for home delivery.


***Questions on the above schedule should be directed to your coach or sponsor.


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